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Titre Testing:

Titre testing is now available at West Brant Animal Hospital.  This test measures a dog’s immune status and will help your vet determine if your dog needs an annual vaccine.  A small blood sample is analyzed to check a dog’s antibody level.  This test is done in house.  The test measures levels of antibodies against Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, and Parvovrius.  If your pet has satisfactory levels then vaccination that year is not necessary. 

 Measures antibody levels of: 

  • Distemper (CDV)
  • Parvovirus(CPV)
  • Infectious hepatitis (ICH)

Vaccination is a hot topic these days and titre testing can help give us important information on your pet’s immune status.  This will help you, the owner, and your veterinarian make the right choice for your pet.  Tailoring to the individual is important to us at West Brant Animal Hospital and Titre testing can help us make the appropriate plan for your pet! 

Titre testing is available to any previously vaccinated dog over the age of 3.  Dog’s who suffer from chronic disease, skin allergies, previous vaccine reactors, and adopted animals with unknown history are all good candidates for this test. 

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