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Senior Care for Pets

Watching your pet grow from a small puppy or kitten, into adults and then into senior furry citizens is an incredible journey. Whether you have been with your senior pet since they were a baby, or you have just now welcomed them into your home, being their caretaker comes with some added challenges. Older pets are more likely to develop arthritis, dental problems, tumours and other serious conditions. With the help of our team, your loyal companion will continue to thrive and have a great quality of life during this new phase that they have entered.

When is a pet considered “old” or “senior”?

Although each pet is different, a general rule of thumb is that they are considered to be senior age once they are 7 years of age. As you know, pets age much faster than humans. For a better idea of their age equivalent, please refer to the example below.

Pet Age: 7-years-old
Human Age Equivalent: 54-years-old

Pet Age: 7-years-old
Human Age Equivalent: 47-years-old

What kinds of health problems can older or senior pets develop?

Like humans, companion animals are more susceptible to specific kinds of conditions as they go into their golden years. Below are some of the health problems that we usually treat in our older patients.

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Senility
  • Heart, kidney and liver disease
  • How should I care for my senior dog/cat/pet?

    The best way to ensure your older pet’s comfort and health is through regular and more frequent full body exams. This way, their veterinarian will be able to diagnose any health conditions and treat them ASAP. Depending on your pet’s unique case, certain medications, rehab, diet changes and even modifications in your home can be recommended to ensure that your pet maintains a high quality of life. For example, installing carpet or padded bedding/furniture can help pets with arthritis by reducing their risk of injury.

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