Microchipping machine

Microchipping for Pets

Accidents happen even to the most careful of pet owners. Pets can get away and become lost. Microchipping is a way to increase your chances of being reunited with your loyal companion, in case their curiosity gets the better of them. If your pet has not yet been microchipped, please contact our team ASAP to guarantee your peace of mind.

Are dog/cat/pet microchips like a GPS?

No. Microchips cannot actively track your pet’s location. Instead, it has your contact info and other details about your pet. When someone finds your pet, they can bring them to a humane shelter or animal hospital where the microchip is scanned. Then, those who scanned the microchip will be able to connect with you from the information in the device.

How are dog/cat/pet microchips implanted?

We make a tiny incision under your pet’s skin, typically in between their shoulder blades. The microchip, which is similar in size to a grain of rice, is then inserted inside your pet.

Do pets feel pain when they are microchipped?

Patients feel little to no discomfort, which is why anaesthetics are usually not given during the procedure.

How many times do I need to microchip my pet?

If done correctly, microchipping is done only once. The microchip is made of materials that will not degenerate over time, and is meant to last inside your pet for their whole life.

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