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Veterinary Exam

At the core of your pet’s health care are frequent and comprehensive veterinary exams. All pets regardless of age, breed and health condition need to be examined on a regular basis to keep them in the best condition possible. At West Brant Animal Hospital, we believe that a preventive and holistic approach is key to maintaining your pet’s well-being and we take pride in empowering and educating our clients to be the best pet parents they can be.

What happens during a dog/cat/pet’s veterinary exam?

If your pet is a new patient of ours, their first visit with us begins with a full exam health check. Afterwards and once diagnostic results of blood/urine/imaging and other tests have been generated, we will then recommend various treatments and action plans such as training information, as well as diet and exercise recommendations. Pets with diseases or conditions may be prescribed with certain medications, procedures or rehab programs. All routine examinations include a complimentary nail trim.

How are senior dogs/cats/pets examined?

As our pets age they can develop lumps and bumps, arthritis, chronic pain, or one or more of a variety of ailments. An annual exam is so important for our older friends, and using our trained eyes and hands we can look for any changes from one year to the next.

Are annual veterinary exams really necessary?

The short answer is, yes! Dogs, cats and other pets develop and age much faster than humans. It’s important for professional veterinary teams to be able to track their progress in order to get ahead of conditions that they are prone to and prevent them from getting unwanted diseases and infections.

Do I need an appointment for my pet to see the veterinarian?

Yes, we require you to schedule an appointment before coming into the hospital. That being said, our doors are open for any accidents or emergencies. Please do not hesitate to call us if you feel like your pet requires urgent care.

Veterinary Exam

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