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Leg Amputation due to cancerous growth

George, an 8 year old, male neutered, Sheltie was admitted to West Brant Animal Hospital in March of 2008 to investigate a lump on his shoulder. The lump was biopsied under sedation and was deemed to be a Grade III spindle cell tumor, which is known to be invasive and metastasize (spread) late in the course of disease. Due to the severity of the tumor, George's perfect health record up to date and his clean (free from metastasis) chest radiographs, it was decided to amputate Georges front leg to avoid spread of disease and prolong George's life. George underwent foreleg amputation surgery as well as a dental cleaning with extractions. George recovered well from surgery and his owners are doing an amazing job with rehabilitation! George continues to do well and has adapted very well. Ginger, his companion continues to help him with a speady recovery! Lumps found on animals should be investigated to assess their severity. Lumps that change in size, colour and consistency rapidly should be examined immediately as they may be malignant. Histopathology is the only way to assess the grade of a tumor. Once a type and grade has been estabilished, a more accurate prognosis and therapy can be given. Sadly, George passed away in 2010. May he rest in peace.