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Diabetes Mellitus

Dozer, an 8 year old Boxer cross presented to West Brant Animal Hospital because of diabetes melitus unresponsive to insulin injections. After several attempts at increasing insulin doses, causes for insulin resistance were investigated. Dozer was found to have a moderate form of pancreatis and a mild urinary tract infection complicating his insulin uptake. Both issues were resolved via intravenous fluids and antibiotics and Dozer did well with his regular doses of insulin and perscription diet. After several months of battling with diabetes he was put to rest. He will be miss greatly. Diabetes is a very common disease of dogs and cats and often requires twice daily doses of insulin by injection and special low carbohydrate diets. Diabetic patients must be monitored carefully for changes in insulin requirments by doing simple blood tests. Weight loss is also very important especially in the treatment of cats. Signs of diabetes includes excessive drinking of water and urination.